Useful websites to help you create a Power BI theme

Researching how to create Power BI themes can take days. The official Microsoft documentation is comprehensive but confusing and the gallery has themes that change the colour scheme but not the report formatting.    This blog lists the best resources to help you create your own theme from scratch. Alternatively, if you don’t have timeContinue reading “Useful websites to help you create a Power BI theme”

What is a date table and why should I create one in my Power BI project?

If your Power BI project has more than one table with a date column or if you want to report on time periods other than year, month and quarter then you should create a calendar table. You may also see this referred to as a calendar or date dimension.

How to create a date table in Power BI with a ready-made Excel file

If you don’t have access to a date table in a source database or if you’re new to Power BI and aren’t that comfortable with programming in DAX or M then sign up to my mailing list and get the link to download a ready-made excel date table. You can import this into Power BI, mark as a date table and start using it straight away.

How to order months chronologically in Power BI

Change from sorting months Apr, Aug, Dec to Jan, Feb, Mar. This method creates a separate month table and brings it into Power BI to order months chronologically.

I have a video on my YouTube channel explaining this method or you can use this easy-to-follow guide: